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Zendesk $ZEN is being robbed

Zendesk $ZEN investors are being robbed.

Hellman & Friedman are robbing zendesk investors with an unfashionably low takeover bid or $77.50. Zendesk traded at $130 as of February, and $160 at all time high. Even with growth tech stocks trading low, the $77.50 offer is extremely low, given Zendesk’s revenue and margins.

The board of directors should never hold any position of power ever again. They are incompetent. The group buying Zendesk are robbing the investors blind. The activist investors Jana Partners who caused all this noise should be under fire for stirring the pot and forcing a sale at the worst possible time. Fuck every person who is voting to make this deal go through. It’s an absolute steal and robbing the employees and retail investors blind. Fuck you mikkel. Fuck the board of directors. Fuck All of you involved in voting yes for this deal. The latest earnings prove this company is being stolen.

It is worth so much more. There needs to be a criminal investigation into this. TechCrunch needs to write more about this to expose the fuckery going on.

No other saas company is being valued at such a low multiple. They’re almost a $2B saas company being sold for 5x multiple. It’s peers are trading 8-12x, and this is while the market is down. It’ll be even higher once it recovers.

Jana Partners needs full investigation by the SEC. Fuck this. Get the ceo and board out, but this company should not be getting sold for this price.

This needs more attention. Yes I owned the stock. Yes I’m pissed. Fuck these activist investors.

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