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You Don’t Need Ryan Cohen

RC has only 5k in Jan23 $80 call, 443 in $75 call, 11k in $60 call. Look at the option chain now: $80 call has 93k open interest and traded 41k today; $75 call has 14.5k open interest, $60 call has 39.4k open interest and traded 15.7k today.

Even IF he sold all his options, it would be like a drop of water in a pool. Not to mention he hasn’t sold yet, because if he did he would need to file a 13G/A amendment. And if he sells later, so what? BBBY went from $5 to $25 in the last two weeks without him doing anything. He might have started this, but you brought BBBY to where it is today, not him.

So stop worshiping him like a god or saying if he’s in you are in. He’s just a human being, he could make mistakes or paper handed. He almost got burn with his position, and you saved him by bring BBBY to $25.

Yes, he filed an Form 114, meaning he can paper handed and bounce, or sell only the options but keeping the shares, or just sell a bit to maintain less than 10% ownership, or diamonds handed. You will never know until you see another 13G/A amendment.

You are the owner of this phenomenon, not him. So you better ask yourself, what is the reason of involving in this? Is it because speculation, long term value, fomo, short squeeze, a war on the shorts, you believe this is another GME, you like the stock, or maybe you hate your money.

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