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Will #TSLA buy #EMH?

Currently Teslas battery lithium supplyline is long:
Mine Australia -> Truck to dock -> ship to china -> truck to Factory -> Truck to dock -> Ship to Japan -> Truck to Factory -> Truck to dock -> Ship to US -> Truck to Gigafactory.

Earlier this year they signed a deal with Piedmonth lithium close proximity to Gigafactory in United States. that would shorten supplyline ALOT. " (stock went 5->45?)

They will Prolly buy European metals soon, because it holds close to 70% of Europes Lithium deposits..

They literally hint of that deal in their website: "There are also numerous Lithium-ion battery manufacturers who have begun building Giga-factories within close proximity to the Cinovec project." https://www.europeanmet.com/lithium/

EMH TO 10x

Dont trust me. Im smart, I scored 80/100 in IQ test.

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