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Why renewable energy investments are the right play

Just in case we need a reminder of how insane dependency on oil and gas are…energy traders and energy trading firms, oil and gas companies, and the entire God damn speculative industry of derivatives gamblers are about to have the biggest payday in history this winter regardless of caps.

The entire energy industry is just a massive cluster fuck of douchebaggery. Imagine what 180 billion dollars would do if invested into a national energy industry in the UK…everything from wind energy on the seas, motion energy on the seas, or massive algae farms.

Dictators, criminals, conmen, murderers, coup strategists.. taxpayer money for massive profits in 2022.

I don't care if every hedge fund you hate was shorting an oil and gas play…I will never invest in these corporations with energy trading divisions.

UK's Truss to unleash billions to help with energy bills. But questions remain


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