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Why mine gold when you can sell shovels?

We are all familiar with the story of how few prospectors actually struck it rich during the Gold Rush. However people who made money were the ones who sold shovels, pickaxe, jeans and tents.

So how do we sell shovels during now that a vaccine has been discovered? Which companies deal with storage, transportation, and/or temperature monitoring of vaccines? My quick research revealed Zebra Technologies ($ZBRA). They have a subsidiary, Temptime, which seems to have a near-monopopy on temperature monitoring for the WHO.

I'm not a medical person though so I dont understand most of what I'm reading (this is just a fancy way of saying I may be retarded).

Is ZBRA a good play? Can some of y'all suggest good plays to exploit the inevitable boon in vaccine transportation and monitoring?

selling shovels when everyone is prospectoring for gold

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