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Why I believe BBBY will go north of $80

So at the peak of 2021's squeeze the stock ran to $53.90 a share or roughly a 6.4B market cap. With that being said there was also 120M outstanding shares at the time. BBBY then did a $1B buyback that lowered the outstanding shares to ONLY 79M shares!

If we estimate a minimum of same market cap peak as last time, with less shares, that puts the share price at $80!!!! YES I SAID $80 RETARD. I truly believe this is WHY our leader RYAN COHEN bought $80 calls!!!

6.4B market cap divided by 79M outstanding shares = $80 share price


At the annual shareholders meeting on July 14th the interim CEO Sue Gove stated "at the end of August they plan to provide an update in regards to BuyBuy Baby". These direct comments lead me to believe theirs already a plan in motion. I believe things could get very interesting very quick!!

TLDR: Buy retard, and diamond hand HODL until north of $80!!!

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