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Why Hold Culture is Good for Big Wall Street

Remember when the meme stocks were taking off and all of the finance journals were posting about WSB and the power of small retail investors? There was real concern that we were going to change the system and tear down the establishment. Everyone would have to account for Reddit's momentum in stocks.  

The only way that this meme machine could be stopped was if they lost their liquidity. No money = no buying. A lot of people made bank off of the short squeezes and there was so much money to fuel the machine forward. But then along came HODL. It's simple…just hold.  

If there are a huge number of shorts still being squeezed, then holding may well cause another moon. The problem is that all of the short interest data lags way behind. And while everyone holds and locks up all of their liquidity, the hedge funds and wall street just quarantine them off. They know how to handle meme investors. We've seen them rig the system and come out unscathed. There is no reason to think they won't do it again. The best way to prevent new meme investors from effecting the market; keep them chasing their own tail.  

TLDR: WSB figured out it had the ability to fly but just kept trying sick dunks instead of doing something. Diamond hands forever. I am a shill and daddy Melvin pays me big bucks.

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