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Why did my SNDL stocks disappear?

Hi there folks, I am a stocks novice and had some extra cash a while back and put it into an array of stocks that I don't check often.

Part of my small portfolio was 73 shares of SNDL @ .73 cents. I noticed it was sitting at 2.20 today and could use the money so I was considering selling. But my Wealth simple trade account is only showing that I own 7 shares @ an avg price of 13.59?!

I've never sold any SNDL I even checked my history. I feel like I'm missing something huge right now. Can someone help me?

EDIT: Thank u fellow dumbasses for teaching me what a reverse split is. In other words, message me if you want my online camming link as I have resorted to doing filthy things on the internet for money.

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