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Why BBBY might be the next GME

I asked myself this question before buying in. What makes a brand come out of bad financial situation that is close to bankruptcy.

Other than the reasons this stock is being hyped for, like RC is in it, or it's shorted 101% or 46%, or getting a new CEO. A main aspect is often overlooked, it is FREE MARKETING!!!!

Yesterday lots of people didn't know BBBY existed or never bought from it before.

Today after it got some traction here, lots of people are mentioning in their posts that they've bought the 29$ annual subscription from BBBY and they're buying items from their shops.

Free marketing and brand awareness cost billions of dollars. Next time when you need an item sold by BBBY, you're gonna choose them over their competitors, especially that they have a bigger variety in of items in their niche.

So regardless if the short squeeze happened or not, the stock will grow organically as more people are aware of the brand.

That's just my 2¢ on it!

TLDR; Brand awareness and free marketing will revive the business and drive sales up organically.

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