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what the fuck is wrong with you

What the hell are you guys doing with all this dumb conspiracy and team trading shit?

The world isn't against you, you're just a garbage trader. You lost money because you fucking suck, not because of crime or manipulation.

Anyone trying to get you to buy into shit and hold forever is just trying to dump on you. No one gives a fuck about you, they just want you to pump their bags. This isn't a team sport.

Shut the fuck up about "owning the hedgies" while you exercise OTM options putting money in their pockets. It's possibly the dumbest thing you can do yet you keep advocating it. What the hell, at least take 3 seconds to learn about what you're doing with your Walmart paycheck.

Also, no one fucking cares about your fucking 3 shares worth less than $100 total. Take some fucking risk and buy some options or shut the hell up. You stand to make less money than a fucking sandwich costs. A better risk/reward trade would be skipping lunch.

This is the god damn stock market, if someone can take your money, they will. Stop being such easy marks.

TL;DR: Apes get slaughtered, regards make money. Stop being apes, start being regarded.

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