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We’ve already won.

tl;dr: Regsho will moonshot us in t+13 (sept 2nd) due to forced buyingof all undelivered shares if we hold.

We've already won, the apes just need to stand strong exactly as they did with gme. BBBY is on RegSho list, for any new regards who without wrinkles, this means the hedgecucks are fucked.

All you need to do is hold.

Why is Regsho so massive? Well first of all, it clears the market makers of all obligations to deliver FTD'S in the regular t+2 timeframe. Wait… that sounds bad. No regard listen the fuck up.

MM's NOW have t+13 from the date of RegSho to deliver ALL FTD'S, otherwise on the 13th date forced buying of EVERY FUCKING UNDELIVERED SHARE begins.

Do you honestly think when you went into your broker and bought shares that it had any affect on price action? Absolutely fucking not.

Susfuckquehanna and Citadel are HOPING that you paper hand your god damn shares before that 13th date (BBBY went regsho on the 16th so t+13 is SEPTEMBER 2ND.)

If you do not sell forced buying will occur on all those shares that never actually got delivered, and this fucker will moonshot to kingdom come.

How can you help?

  1. Buy more fucking shares. Don't stop. Every dip you buy and hold for the next 2 weeks.
  2. Buy ITM or JUST OTM options for September-January to gamma squeeze these cunts.

Let's fucking get this bag.

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