Wendy’s ($WEN) to the MOON… this Wednesday via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Wendy’s ($WEN) to the MOON… this Wednesday

Wendy's ($WEN) reporting earnings this Wednesday.

Given the number of autists on this server who have recently YOLO'd and lost their life savings, pelosi husband trying to hide from the feds, or hunter biden trying to get some cocaine… surely the number of chocolate swirlies or whatever they are called sales have increased as a result. Also Wendy to change their logo to some emo chick will definitely drive national controversy all over the U.S. Literally this is a gorilla marketing tactic that may or may not bite themselves in the ass but who am I to say since I'm only but an ape myself.

Furthermore, $WEN is announcing that they will be removing their strawberry frosty and bringing back the vanilla one after this summer ends. Sleepy Joe said his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.


$WEN 8/19 22C

this must be the most retarded thing i've seen

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