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VERU will make a lot of people rich soon.

VERU is seriously about to explode.

Their COVID treatment sabizabulin is groundbreaking and is in process for emergency use approval. (EUA) with the FDA. All signs point to approval IMO. It was fast tracked and pushed into the EUA process due to “Overwhelming efficacy” It treats not only ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) an almost always fatal symptom of COVID, it also treats cancer and has a multitude of other uses that are still being looked into.

They have another drug in production as of now they have yet to start realizing profits on as it’s new and has passed through the FDA (Entadfi).

They have other drugs in the pipeline as well. This isn’t some one trick Pony. Not an overnight biotech. They’ve been in business for over 10 years and have tons of operating cash.

All concerns have been thoroughly debunked in regards to sabizabulin. Random bears and shorts have tried to make nonsensical claims about the testing methods and groups and I will not engage anyone in response to those questions. The safety profile is impeccable as well, meaning it’s incredibly safe.. Even just this week a new report was release completely debunking all concerns.

Agencies worldwide are also pushing it through their regulatory systems. England, Germany and Korea among them. None of them have raised any concerns. (Trust random bears on the internet if you’d rather take their word for it) It was just featured in France I heard in biotech winners, a show of some sort.

It’s currently sitting at a very strong support line that it constantly bounces off of. Usually goes from this point to $16+ while we wait for EUA but holds this $12ish line. When EUA comes through you’re looking at an easy $50 stock, probably more.

All of that is nice and all but here’s the icing on the cake. This thing is primed for a massive take off. It ranks 5th as of today and is climbing rapidly in the short squeeze rating lists. It sits at a 98.08% squeeze rating. I’m not exactly sure of the SI and CTB but some recent reports have out the SI at around 50% and climbing. 50% short on the free float… That’s nuts…

Once EUA comes through and shorts get caught in this play, it’s going to go off the rails imo. This stock is a no brainer. It’s going to make some people very rich. Good luck.

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