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Understand Obvious Bullshit

I get it, meme stocks are fun. Playing contrarian is fun. Ape emojis are the best emoji. But if you are going to play with fire, understand obvious bullshit.

  1. Movie theaters are not going to be successful. The product is shit. 3d glasses, IOMAX, sound systems— no one gives a fuck. Adjust the gross revenue of theaters for inflation and you’ll see a huge fucking decline. Most people do not want to haul their ass to a gross, noisy, sticky, and crowded room to watch something they can’t even pause, when they could do it in their own home. Titanic grossed double anything after it in real dollars and that shit is not happening again. People don’t want the product and they are increasingly aware of alternatives.

  2. The metaverse is going to flop. Seriously this is all super old bullshit. Tech is trying to create a market need or want that does not exist. People don’t want to dress up an avatar version of themselves and watch it do cartoony bullshit. They want to do it themselves. VR has been “5 years” from being big my entire fucking life. It was not true then, it’s not true now. The meta verse is a solution looking for a problem. There is no problem it solves. Trying to “redefine” what the term is not going to make what it actually is, a wanted product. Tech has never succeeded in doing that. They have just tapped into already existing needs and worked them. Like, socialization and content consumption. In no way is anything meta superior to a real life experience or even a real life flat screen experience. The only stuff happening in this area is ar glasses if they get massively better.

  3. “Blockchain” / NFTs / Digital coins. Speaking of solutions looking for problems, holy fuck. There is no fucking need for a “public ledger” or “smart contracts”— our current exchanges work pretty damn well and most contracts outside stock exchanges are for goods and services that are tangibly delivered or concern dollar amounts where you want humans at a law firm involved. There is no value. Except buying drugs. That is the only real use of this shit.

  4. Old crumbly brick and mortar specialty stores. Like Bed Bath and Beyond. Can’t beat Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. No one wants to pay retail for shit they can price check from a cell phone.

If you are into this stuff, understand that money is made here by selling after bigger idiots jump on, and that, eventually, a business case is needed. These do not have any. So have fun and meme away, but if you are seriously trying to make real money, you need to be able to say one simple sentence: X is going to go up because real people want X, demand for X is growing, and X fulfills a real need. Ape out on that shit, not random ass fantasy bullshit.

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