Uncle Joe + Auntie Kamala + Mama Yellen = the perfect setup for EV stonks via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Uncle Joe + Auntie Kamala + Mama Yellen = the perfect setup for EV stonks

We already know that Biden and Kamala are committed to clean energy and net-zero emissions.

But did you know that the new pick for Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen is also a green bean?

She served as a chair of the Group of 30 Working Group on Climate Change and Finance, which released a report this year urging governments, regulators and financial companies to make moves that would sharply curb carbon emissions.

Biden's corporatism + Yellen's climate focus + strongest stonk market in history = EV go up

My focus is on American & European EV plays for the following reasons:

– vehicle manufacturers are rapidly pivoting to EV and are likely scouting companies for investments, takeovers, and deals. They won't touch Chinese EV companies due to regulation & liability. There's a reason that Chinese vehicles aren't allowed in most of the world (sorry NIO longs).

– once these deals start to occur, the FOMO will truly be unstoppable, with everybody trying to get in on "the next Tesla"

– government incentives: tax rebates, grants, & low interest rates allow companies & individuals to buy EV

IMO, this bubble is just getting started and there are many potential multi-baggers left on the table:

TSLA calls – their first-mover advantage, massive cash flow and market cap make it tough for others to compete, as they can rapidly expand and buy their way into new tech

CIIC (Arrival SPAC shares & warrants) – UK based EV company focused on electric delivery/fleet vehicles and buses. Backed by BlackRock, UPS, Kia & Hyundai. Has deals in place worth as much as $1.2 billion (including 10,000 delivery vehicle order from UPS with potential for more afterwards)

SBE (ChargePoint SPAC shares & warrants & calls) – Worldwide charging network leader. ChargePoint currently accounts for over 73 percent of the L2 charging network in the United States. Backed by BMW, Daimler, Siemens & BlackRock

PIC (XL Fleet SPAC shares & warrants) – Fleet retrofitting to hybrid & electric. Very scalable, with multiple options & lower costs for fleet electrification. Systems can be installed onto most popular light and mid-size commercial vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet, GM. Currently developing heavy-duty applications for long-haul freight transportation.

good luck homies

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