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UK brokers no longer offering US etfs?

Hello, it's my first post on the platform and I am looking for some advice.

I have been using IG for trading US securities for quite some time. Didn't face any sig. Issues until yesterday when I found that you can't trade US etfs anymore because of some fsca rule that prevents retail investors from trading securities that do not provide KIIDs.

I wanted to buy Sqqq, having closed my position a few weeks ago and wanted to ride the volatility wagon again. And to my surprise, all my attempts kept getting rejected. On enquiring I asked how that is possible, when all the key fund related information, fact sheets are provided on proshares website and the response I got back was that the document needs to be literally titled 'KIID' to qualify. I found this bizzare when all the KIID info is readily available in other documents.

Which brings me to my questions – has anyone faced a similar issue recently?

Are there any retail friendly platforms in the UK that are super attractive for trading us securities and etfs?

Super grateful for any help! Thanks.

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