Travel industries 🌈 🐻 🌈 and Chy-nah Bulls quick huddle via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Travel industries 🌈 🐻 🌈 and Chy-nah Bulls quick huddle

Got rid of my Spy 355p this morning and rolled into CCL 15P 01/15/21.

My highest respect to the CCL 20C 11/13/20 guy 60k YOLO… You Sir is why we exist.

I know Chy-nah stocks are tanking hard due to the restrictions the CCP just in placed . Lesson learned No.1 Jack Ma need to shut the fuck up and quick note πŸ“ Double 11 is tomorrow , as of in the next 30 min , Taobao, JD, PDD having huge Black Friday styled Sales , they are the Chinese Amazon !! Do what you will with it !! You are reading this correctly , in 30 min all these website will hit the highest volume ATH in each calendar year ! Monitor and research chy-nah 11.11 or Chinese Black Friday .

70 CCL 15p 01/15/21

What are your moves please list down below

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