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Totally normal post that shouldn’t be banned

Been watching this like a hawk all day from IPO crossing until right now (5:41EST).


The day went like this, received 1 of my 100+ ordered IPO shares, watched as it was crossing feverishly researching wtf is going on.


The number started to flash on the current "price" but none of my orders would go through. Finally they settled at 50. I put an order for 31 shares at 55. Now I have 32 at an avg cost at 48.something


A flash and a notification that it went through as the screen shows a list of orders and HALT.


Aggressively research halts while watching. Flash and HALT again to 100. Again to 150. 200. 250…. Numbers begin moving again flashing between 5000/ share to fucking 199999…?!.

I put orders in everywhere but none went and the numbers finally settled at 250 so I put an order to sell at 250 and 200.

Flash and it reentered at like 2teens. I got one order filled for 5 at 200 I believe.

At market close it dipped to 97 and has since climbed 58% after hours to 157 at the time of this writing.

Fucking crazy shit boys. Ride this mf if you got the balls because she is MOVING.

Did the math with my box of crayons and if she hits a 10B mkt cap, shares will be 500$. 100B 5000$.

HKD did 400B. Idk what AMTD was but… I feel like both 10B and 100B are both "reasonable" expectations as we ride the coattails of financial warfare.

So if you want to play, get your boots and big boy panties strapped on and hold the fuck on boys. Support was a 100 but most shares avg at 134 so expect next step to be 150 and more ratcheting upward. Expect big roof at around 200-250.

Take this as you will as I have no fucking idea what Im doing

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