Took a trip to the doctor today. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Took a trip to the doctor today.

Had a bit of swelling in my foot. Went to see my local doctor, upon which he immediately asked whether I'd come to see him to refill my autism medication. I say no, my foot is swelling actually. He inspects my foot and we make small talk. He asks me how my gf's significant other-(other than myself) was doing. I say he is doing well. "Keep your foot elevated", says my doctor. I do so, causing my phone to fall out of my pocket, and bright red light spills out into the room. It's my RobinHood account. He looks disapprovingly. "Yoloing on CLOV again. I knew you were autistic but this … is beyond autism". I stutter an explanation but almost forget his name. My eyes dart to his nametag and I see "Dr. Powell". As I stand up to run out of the room screaming, I hear: "… but anyways, inflammation is transitory."

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