To all the Shills out there saying GME can’t happen again. You’re welcome via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

To all the Shills out there saying GME can’t happen again. You’re welcome

I'm assuming you were too young at the time or maybe forgot since humans clearly forget shit all the time, especially when it goes against their thinking.

Do you all not remember the famous Volkswagen (VW) squeeze of 2008? Shit went ballistic and gained like 400%+ in 2 days. VW became the world's #1 most valuable company for a short time during the squeeze. (Estimations shorts lost almost $40 billion.)

HerbalLife (HLF) got squeezed when Ackman and Icahn duked it out….Icahn won and walked away +$1billion, Ackman covered for double his entry, so figure out that loss LMAO.

Tesla (TSLA) (Estimations of short losses of $40 Billion in 2020)I don't need to hear about how great TSLA is. TSLA was THE MOST heavily shorted stock in the world in mid 2020. How do you think it's so fucking high in value and went ballistic and 10x in less than 1 year? Now its gone literally nowhere for almost 2 years. The shorts getting fucked hard had a LOT to do with TSLA epic 2020 run. Cherry picking here, from Jan '21 to now, TSLA is about even, maybe slightly down -2%. 600 days later, a shit ton of sales and growth, new models, new factories, etc and other good shit, and its gone nowhere because people learned to fear shorting TSLA.

Gamestop (GME) (Estimations of short losses of $20 billion) needs no introduction but it was $4 pre-split and in pre-split terms went to $400+ and still sitting at pre-split $120 and about pre-split $200 a month ago. You're telling me GME went from $4 to $120-$200 range because RC is turning it around with NFTs no one gives a fuck about anytime soon? What's his play, sell video games online? Platforms already do that. Or let me guess, going to offer everyone 1 penny for their trade-ins instead of 2 pennies? LMFAO…What moat does GME have that any Megacap like GOOG, META, AMZN, MSFT, etc etc can't copy or do better? Fuck it, Netflix probably has more customers and a better chance selling NFTs than GME LMFAO. Even dare I say Robinhood could probably do it better.

Shit does not need to make sense nor be rational. If your argument against BBBY going to $30, $50, $100, or $500 is the "value" of BBBY isn't worth that much and that is an irrational price target, then you are completely mistaken and don't understand how the market works. BBBY could become the world's most valuable company this week if there were enough shorts getting their nuts squeezed off. Of course, this is completely irrational and beyond unrealistic but you get my point.

Now I know everyone is expecting some epic news release tomorrow and the price to rip to $30 but that isn't going to happen. Stop being dumb and unrealistic. Strategic news is not some magical saving grace and automatic doubling of revenue everyone dreams about. The news will 100% give the shorts a reason to attack the fuck out of the stock and since everyone is impatient and a little paper-handed bitch, BBBY WILL drop like a MOFO tomorrow. Stop being little bitches and hold your panties up with those diamond hands. Don't drop 'em for the hedgies. Stop Losses are for losers!

Shills, let's see you change my mind…

TLDR: Stocks have been squeezed crazy high for ages. Let me repeat to you extra regarded apes in the back. SQUEEZED FOR FUCKING AGES with billllllions in losses. It CAN happen again and will continue to happen over and over and over forever until shorting a stock is illegal.BBBY to the MOON mothfuckas! GODSPEED

Disclaimer:\This is not financial advice. The stock market casino IS gambling and you SHOULD expect to lose money. Please gamble at your own risk. Call 1-800-GAMBLER if you need help with a gambling problem.I am long BBBY with 2000 shares and will be holding for WHEN it hits $100 and beyond.*

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