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Time to capitalize on some lesser known EVs

I'm open to some input on whether or not you guys think XPEV and NIO have a lot of room to grow. Jumping in now makes me wary after seeing TSLA level out for the last few months. I could just be a degenerate though.

What I'd like to focus on is SOLO, KNDI, LI, FUV, and FSR. These stocks haven't really popped off yet but some of them show some real potential. KNDI, for example, is offering the cheapest, fully electric, fully-fledged cars in North America right now. Their K27 model is only $10k after the federal tax credit you get for buying an EV.

SOLO, on the other hand, is producing smaller, 3-wheeled vehicles that don't qualify as cars and also don't qualify for the federal tax credit, but they're still small and could prove effective in certain demographics in the US. They're also producing fleets for first responders and mail carriers which could really help.

KNDI 7c 6/18/21

SOLO 5c 6/18/21

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