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Thoughts on TSM?

Has anyone borrowed money from their wife’s boyfriend to get in on TSM? I’m not sure if I’ve ever even seen it mentioned here to be honest….

Anyway, AAPL isn’t making their own chips, so why wouldn’t TSM significantly benefit from the partnership? RSI isn’t terrible (59), there is a juicy catalyst, and the EMA has good steady build up to a breakout. I know we can say it’s at an all time high already and has already realized a 73% increase this year, but seems like this couldn’t go tits up.

Looking to buy;

  • APR 16 2021 100c
  • JAN 15 2021 100c (Earnings are 01/14)

Anyone else looking to get some tendies on this?

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 04:49AM by Tony_Scarboni
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