There is a 0% chance Ryan Cohen abandons ship via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

There is a 0% chance Ryan Cohen abandons ship

His whole reputation and public image is built around activist investing, fixing the company, and helping retail investors achieve gains along the way. All his actions so far shows that he is an intelligent person who understands that the loss of future profits, as trust in him is destroyed, will be much greater should he prove to be paper hands.

What I am inferring from his activities is that by submitting the form, he is laying a trap for the hedgies to double down, and fuck them over when he releases important news on the future of the company within the next week. In the end, diamond hands will be rewarded while the panicked sellers will FOMO in at peak. This is EXACTLY what happened with GME and the hedgies are falling for it yet again.

tldr: I'm coping so hard rn

position: 1920 x 24.7 — plan on doubling down at market open

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