Theory: BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc) is going BANKRUPT via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Theory: BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc) is going BANKRUPT

This is not only about the share, but also an alert.

I have a small hotel in Europe. When guests make a reservation, they pay first and then pays us (the Hotel). But recently SIMPLY STOPPED paying us! (So they are retaining guests' money). From today we will not accept guests from anymore, since these guests paid but is not paying us.

But here is where things get even MORE SHOCKING…

This is happening with MULTIPLE PROPERTIES (Maybe is going bankrupt? Who knows…). Lots of hotels are recommending all guests to CANCEL their reservations with, and those who already paid, to seek legal action at the earliest against the company.

Visit the Facebook pages from and you will see a complete shitstorm.

And then yesterday they released their results… and we can see that they are burning money MUCH FASTER than they can sustain.

They are running out of money QUICK, and with the wave of legal actions they will suffer, this can trigger a bankruptcy at any point.

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