The Squeeze doesn’t start until $100. Everything before that is just Gamma Exposure and Retail buying. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

The Squeeze doesn’t start until $100. Everything before that is just Gamma Exposure and Retail buying.

This is a stock that should be trading at $30-40 if it wasn’t heavily shorted, but now because of the Gamma Ramps and buying pressure, the Squeeze doesn’t even start until $100.

There was an old DD I cannot find called “The Great Mall Short”. Which essentially talked about how after 2008 they tried to find a way to Short Malls, because Hedge Funds thought malls were going out. Around 2014 they had created an ETF with some of the biggest malls in America, and they would use it to short Malls through this ETF. The OP who had done the DD found that a large majority of the malls actually contained GameStops, Bed Bath & Beyond and AMC locations at each one. They believed this is when the ETF Swap Naked Shorting originally started for GME, BBBY & AMC. This lines up with the declines in Stock prices starting in 2015.

Continual shorting and declining sales lead the company to a stock price of around $20-30 Pre Pandemic. Then when March 2020 hit, the Shorts extended their massive crime on the stock beating it down to under $5. A small Short Squeeze in 2021 corrected the stock back to its average price, but the Shorts doubled down their positions to once again try to bankrupt some of our favorite brick and mortar stores.

But now today, the times have changed. Apes have bought up massive Call positions. There are literally tens of millions of shares that go ITM from $15-45, which if people start exercising their calls to buy the Stock (and not sell), this could easily launch us into the $50-60+ range.

Then again at $60-80, there are again tens and tens of millions of shares worth that go ITM which could easily bring us over $100 if we all Hold. Once we hit $100, the Shorts will all be getting annihilated with Forced closures of their positions, liquidations and Margin Calls. Once they realize that not all of them are going to make it, they will start closing positions as fast as possible to not go completely bankrupt.

Some will be too late when the stock price is in the hundreds and they still have not closed. And that’s when the Squeeze starts….

Remember: The Hedgies never plan to Close their positions, only cover. The only way they will close is by force. They will absolutely kick and scream until the last minute before closing. This is not a joke.

The only way all the Shorts can cover is if we sell. There have been 30 million Short positions opened on BBBY and with a Free Float of only 12 million is a Real Short Interest of over 250%!!!

And that’s not even the Naked Shorts which are likely 2-3x The entire Float!!

If retail really is holding the Float, To Close their positions fully, the shorts would have to buy every available share from us potentially 7-8X over!! Let that sink in. $1000 is not a meme.

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