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The Robinhood Level 3 Options Quiz

Last week I finally decided it was time to get back into trading option spreads on Robinhood after blowing up my entire life savings trading extremely risky spreads at the age of 18. They downgraded me a few years back probably because I went completely inactive, so I had to reapply for options level 3. To my dismay, they instantly rejected my application and required me to contact customer support.

So of course that isn’t going to fly with me and I immediately scheduled an appointment that was scheduled today. Being the retard I am, I completely forgot about it and they left me a voicemail reminding me about my scheduled call saying they’d call me back in 15 minutes. I wait 25 minutes and finally get a call back from Rob with Robinhood who asks me about all my personal information for security purposes. Things are going along nicely when he suddenly asks me if I know what strategies I’m going to be using. My mind goes blank and the first thing I think of are the iron condors I blew up my account with 4 years ago. I instantly blurt that out and he starts describing the strategy to me for whatever reason.

Things then took a turn I wasn’t ready for. He suddenly asks me if I can describe to him what direction I want a stock to move if I have a put debit spread. I have no clue. I haven’t traded spreads in years. My retarded ass instantly pulls up Google on my phone and typed “put debit spread” in the search bar with my sweaty fingers. It’s an awkward silence and I’m just hanging with “uhhhh” but I manage to spit out the first search result word for word and lucky for me, it worked. He asks me a few more trivia questions like what’s the maximum loss for a call debit spread, and I nailed them all thanks to Google.

Your boy now has options level 3. It’s just that easy.

UPDATE: Not off to the greatest start, but I still have all week until expiration:

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