The reason DVF is so succinct in his answers. via /r/wallstreetbets

The reason DVF is so succinct in his answers.

The reason the great DFV is so quick, organized and succinct in his responses is because you don’t need to “prepare” to tell the truth. It’s easy to answer a question when the truth is the answer.

Compare that to Robinhood or citadel and it’s clear to see who needed to “prepare” and be coached for these questions today.

It’s unfortunately clear that this hearing will result in little to no action or changes going forward to hold big money accountable for their bad decisions, and the people will continue to shoulder the burden for their mistakes.

I’m not here to stick it to the man, or take down big hedgies, I’m here for the tendies just like anyone else, but it’s very clear we will see something like this happen again in another 5-10 years, with retail traders and tax payers shielding big money at the cost of our tendies.

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