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The future of vaccine stocks?

WARNING: Not a retard post. Rant incoming

As usual, American taxpayers fund the creation of the vaccine and the rest of the world demands for our creation for free. The rest of the world needs help but they can ALREADY BUY it from us. Of course taxes need to be raised because we are funding the rest of the world. I get this is a pandemic, but we can make the same argument that the rest of the world needs us to fund food, water, housing, defense, healthcare, etc. “for the sake of humanity.” The list never ends at the expense of American taxpayers.

In the future, we will have less incentive to create anything because we pour in the expense while no one else does. Whoever creates the vaccine loses because the other countries can just get it for free.

That said, where do vaccine stocks go from here? NVAX, PFE, MRNA all took huge hits following yesterday’s announcement.

One other thing I don’t get: why does everyone say that “everyone (including vaccinated people) isn’t safe until everyone has the vaccine”. What kind of nonsense is that, since it implies that the vaccine doesn’t work but magically works when everyone has it.

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