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The Dream of a Nightmare of a Dream

YOLO. What the heck am I even doing here? Why does it even matter whether I make $10K or $100K?

It's not about the money though is it?

YOLO, which means I could die tomorrow. Suppose I bet big and I win enough Benjis to wallpaper the Taj Mahal. Then what? I could still die tomorrow. NOTHING CHANGES on that score.

What does change? I would get a feeling that I did something right, that I am competent.

The deep underground river of how we think about ourselves.

(We don't mind calling ourselves retards because we can perv-claim the competence to recognize our own incompetence.)

We're playing a game that we know is heavily rigged against us. We find cameraderie in our numbers.

We're the Hollywood hero in this narrative. The guy who fights overwhelming odds, in an arena with a roaring audience of millions.

They're going to watch me as I cut down an oak tree with my dick.

But there's a missing piece. Who is the villain? The short sellers, the hedge fund managers, the crooked CEOs, the bloated bankers?

Sorry, none of the above, because all of them are doing the oak tree dick dance.

The villain here is our own incompetence. And we've chosen to prove our competence by putting money on a game with rando outcomes.

Why not spend the time building real competency? Learn a trade, make a friend, help a cause. Real shit, not this screen-trading fuck fantasy. I know for me I don't do it because real shit is scary. I'd rather talk about the bid-ask spread or the fibonaccis or the price-to-book. It makes me feel important. Makes me feel like I know my stuff. The only thing is the guy next to me who doesn't know a P/E ratio from a crack in the wall is doing better on his oak than I am. Because the game we're playing does not reward diligence.

Anyhow, I wonder if maybe one day I'll have the balls to leave the game. I think that day will come. I'm probably not the only one.

One last play though: if we leave, let's all leave at the same time. We would out-short the short sellers. We would leave the place a smouldering wreck.

Let loose the storm of the incompetents.

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