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Texas Data Breach = Big Money

Listen up cucks. This has play might be retarded but it might be the biggest play I make this year. Texas drivers licenses have experienced a data breach that will be effecting the entire state. Now if there’s anything I learned from 2nd grade social studies, it’s that you don’t mess with Texas.

That being said, the data was being held by some shit company called Vertafore and the breach happened around August this year. Fun fact about august this year is that Vertafore got bought by a public company – Roper Technologies. Not quite the $ROPE everyone reaches for in this sub because it’s just $ROP. Since this news dropped over the weekend, we won’t see backlash until business hours this week when the gunslingin Texans start calling them and asking for their info back. Stock prices normally drop for data breaches, so that’s as much as my 4 year old brain needs to make this play. I’m hoping for lots of lawsuits to make this print.

Positions: ROP $360p 11/20, ROP $350p 12/18

Submitted November 15, 2020 at 05:05PM by MrFunkers
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