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Summary for the past 4 months

I know some people are gay and insecure so I decided to do some TA to cure your mental illness.

This is how I see the past 4 months

A- Softbank crash/hype

B-Stimulus talk (Mitch is a cuck)

C-Stimulus denied/start of election: every election year, it has always been the same occurrence.

D-End of uncertainty/ reversal

F- vaccine/industry rotation

Above upper blue line = too high

Middle blue line= just right

Below black line or at the black line = super discount

As for QQQ
Because of the vaccine/rotation, it failed the breakout

Expect QQQ to cover its gaps before going up.

And after it covers, its blue sky because all the uncertainty has been cleared.

stimulus will come and expect it to pump the bears out.

One last chart to confirm my DD

It has been like that for the past 30 years. Why wouldn't this year be the same?

TLDR: Throw the puts out the window, this is the start of a new bull run.
Position? thinking of getting Tesla 0dtes

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