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Strategy on when to sell

Hello all, new to this group. Been playing around mainly buy and hold stocks for 3.5 years maybe. Mainly motley fool recommendations. I think I’m realizing that I don’t have a great strategy. I’m in my 30s. I max my Roth. I have a decent job.

I often will just buy 1-2 shares of something, especially if it’s a $200-$400 share. I’m not buying dozens or hundreds of shares, so divisibility of earnings is tricky.

I’m realizing my mistakes late, but hopefully not too late.

An example. I bought zoom for $69. One share. It went up to like $600 nearly during covid. I didn’t sell. Why? I have no idea. I thought it would keep going up. I didn’t realize the market was over valued. It started going down and I kept watching it, waiting for it to come back, not realizing it wasn’t ever going to. I ended up selling around $180. Still over 100%. If it was 100 shares I would have made $11,000 or so (averaging numbers)

Different example that I still am holding: ZS 2 shares at $54 a share. Current price is about $160 or up 190%. But during covid it was as high as $370. What would YOU do in this instance? Do I need the money? Not at all. Do I want it to go back up to $370? Of course. Would I hate to see it dip heavily and lose more gains? Yes.

Would you sell one share and let one ride? Sell both and try to find another rising star? Let both sit? Sell it all and start a day trading portfolio (once I learn a LOT more)

Peak of covid I was up about 110% now I’m up only 17%. Still up, just up wayyyyyy less.

I know that nobody can predict this stuff. I’m just realizing I have no plan. I have all this money tied up and gaining in theory, but when do you ever pull from it? ZS isn’t going to be my retirement plan. Do I switch to ETF and learn to day trade for quick money?

Would love any pointers for a guy like me.


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