Start inversing yourself and thank me later. (Seriously) via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Start inversing yourself and thank me later. (Seriously)

Guys I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to make money on the stock market is by inversing any play that you think makes sense, because I guarantee you it’s already priced in. There’s people with more money than all of us combined who know more than us and have no chance of getting slammed for insider trading, and if they DO get “caught” all they do is pay a fine or do a few years in prison, max. That’s not a dark money conspiracy, it’s just a fact of the game.

Oh you’re going to make an earnings play? That’s been priced in for months and you only stand to gain if the results are wildly unexpected in the positive direction, the other 90% of the time you’ll stay flat or lose money if the report is negative. Still skeptical? Think of how much loss porn we’ve seen over the past weeks, 9/10 are losses and only 1 will be a crazy gain. Now imagine if they all said “Wow I want to make this play, so let me do the opposite!”: 9/10 would be gain porn in that scenario. I challenge all of you, without spending a penny over the next 2 weeks, just document the plays you would make and see if they work out- if you’re losing on more than 50%, then congratulations you’ve discovered the money printer of inversing yourself.

How do you effectively implement this strategy, you ask? Simply buy things when they seem like a bad idea!! – Buy ETFs of sectors that are in a slump, not at an ATH – Buy stock in companies with a promising product that just don’t have any partnerships yet – Whatever trend you observe leading up to an earnings call, buy an option in the opposite direction


I want to see this sub make some goddamn dough for once, so for the love of all things highly regarded: Just. Inverse. Yourself.

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