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SPCE Race Can You Dig It?

The weird kid with glasses whose got a backpack full of math books and firecrackers; do you sit with him at lunch, thinking maybe in a few months he'll let you cheat off his midterm?


A meme or a pimp in disguise? Can it bring home tendies for dinner?


  • One of the highest short floats out there
    • 40M+ shares short, avg 12M shares traded a day = A multiday squeeze
  • FAA certification in a matter of weeks if they don't crash on the flight taking place sometime between Nov 19-23
  • Branson on the first public flight early 2021 will be on every news site's front page

SHORT SQUEEZE WHEN? Will it pop in two weeks after FAA or in ~February after Branson? One way or another, it's going to happen… Probably

Can you time the top of the short squeeze? Probably not! Will you still try? Of Course! Start grating your fingers on the whetstone and get those diamond hands ready.

1 year chart, 4 hour. We're nearing the end of long-term consolidation will an uptrend on higher lows.

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