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S&P 500 ETF Brief Forecast: 07/21/21

Rug pull or Bull trend? Today SPY moved +.81% after falling near the 50 EMA at $424. During a bull market it’s very important bulls step in and buy the dip and they did just that to regain the bull trend! With less than 1% away from previous ATH it’s very likely to move a head higher. Critical support at the 20 SMA at $431, support at $430, and $428. If critical support does break its also possible this will be an ABC pattern downwards that can still lead to a correction. If resistance is broken at $436, expect a breakout to $441. Bears, you don’t want to call the top on this one. As the saying goes, Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered!

This is not financial advise I am literally retarted

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