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Sorry Bulls

I currently can’t see how anyone would be investing significantly during this period unless you were already in since due to all the macroeconomic factors, I can’t see how this isn’t the bottom. Interest rates were already risen 75 basis points and now we could see another 75 basis points the following month. Everyone was freaking out during that period and now we could go through it again in less than a month in the next Fed meeting in late July. Who knows if everything gets worse and doesn’t go as planned, rates could go higher since we saw that with the last rates since they weren’t initially planned to be 75. The Gas Holiday might sound good on paper but ultimately doesn’t really make that much of an effect with around saving 20$ per month (depends how much you drive). Artificially lowering prices will lower revenue for companies since they have a lower supply that needs to be sold for higher so in the end could raise prices going forward into 2023. Also there’s a new social security bill (social security expansion act) that’s being discussed and would most likely increase payroll taxes for the middle upper class to help combat inflation for the older population. While this helps those people, I can’t only imagine how this would lead to more inflation pressures due to tax increases. I’ve heard that they don’t think this will pass but this would have an extra 2400$ per year for those receiving these benefits in 2023. Everyone can make there own decisions and I’m not trying to be a be a fear monger but everything will be relatively more volatile for a while. Also god knows how hurricane season this will be, sure to all those east people but can have significant problems in the short run (more impacts on oil and other resources). Fire season as well on the west coast has been insane over the past years. Then we take a look at foreign countries such as Canada having high inflation and England which can lead to supply chain issues through foreign investors. We’re still in this crazy chip shortage that has also contributed to this. War in Ukraine is one thing of many many different issues but how could this look at the end of the year for European countries. Shutting off pipelines, domestic terrorism in the country by Ukraine if the war doesn’t go there way to by destroying those pipelines so Russia doesn’t get them. Somehow the Russian Ruble has gone up even with all attacks towards Russia. Sorry to be a pessimist but just hope everyone gets through this mess.

I understand anything can really happen but maybe people should try to abstain from significantly putting money into stocks for a bit. I know this has been reiterated here and obviously none of this is financial advice but I think we should be more towards bearish than bullish. I was thinking about investing more but I’m probably going to take a break for a bit and if I look back an regret then so be it but everything just seems so uncertain but good luck out to those investing. This is WallStreet “bets” after all. You can Yolo all you want but please don’t blindly Yolo.

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