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Sony to the ISS!!! (The moon is too far)

Ok I have a few things to talk about and I’m not gonna write one of those 12 paragraph posts. However here it is:

  1. Crunchy roll: Currently in a deal with AT&T to buy crunchy roll for about $1 Billion.

Crunchyroll has about 3 million paying subscribers. While it’s no Netflix or Hulu it’s definitely better than Quibi. Here’s the catch with crunchyroll though, it has 70 million overall users (non-paying) In 2016 Hulu was free believe it or not. Having only about 12 million subscribers. They pulled the good old switcheruh on them and discontinued the free version. Now Crunchyroll has 70 million already assuming same thing happens we could be seeing a huge jump in their stock. I want to emphasize the word ASSUMING because if it does happen it won’t happen for a while although theirs a lot of incentives to do so as most of its anime subscribers are 15-30 weebs who live off of their millionaire boomer parents!

  1. iPhone cameras: iPhones aren’t going anywhere and well sony supplies their cameras and well that’s it for this one. Like I said not gonna make paragraphs for your $20 accounts.

  2. PlayStation 5 This time it’s different, actually this time it’s very different. PlayStation 5 is $499 and $399 without a disc drive 🤔 very odd hu? They dropped the price by $99 for a disc drive that plays 20 year old technology? It cannot cost Sony more that $50 for the disc drive yet they dropped the price by a whole $100 that’s 2 NIO shares right there. You probably already came to the conclusion that it’s to capitalize on the PlayStation store. However I had no idea how much they take from each and every sale… they make a whopping 30%?!??!!!! That’s $21 for every game sold!!! In the ps4s lifespan of 7 years game developers sold 1Billion games!!!!

“But not everyone is going to buy the disc less version because I’m a fucking bitch who prefers to jerk off to my discs and cum on the game boxes”

BULLSHIT if it means your mommy and daddy are going to save $100 this Christmas they’re going to get you the digital PS5!!!!

PlayStation also seems to lead the console war all over the world. With more consoles sold in the Xbox VS ps2, 360 VS ps3 and one VS ps4. They will not win this one either.

Done: I dont know but I read a headline they’re getting into their drone phase. Drones are expensive and lots of dads own them.

Cool pictures: SNE


Listen guys Sony is a tech giant already hit $156 in the 2000s we can do it again! This bubble just needs a little more air guys! I hope I’m right and I can look back at this post and say I told you so to all the spiders living in my room. Positions $100C 12/18

Edit: I’m dumb

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