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Solar Stocks to watch in China

Sharing a must-watch solar inverter stock from China, Sineng Electric (SHE: 300827).

Sineng had an excellent performance and being one of the 2 inverter manufacturers to win a 5.5 GW inverter procurement tender in September 2021 by the Chinese state-owned mining and energy company – China Energy Investment Corporation, with Sineng winning orders of 1.1 GW of central inverters and Huawei secured orders for 4.4 GW of string inverters. This proves that Sineng is one of its kind among competitors of its size in the business and with Beijing’s commitment to corner the global solar panel- and inverter market with policies to create supply and demand, ​Sineng is on the right track to grow exponentially for the coming years.

Sineng’s capabilities include its continuous automation, its scale and scope economies, cooperative partnerships as well as a fixed standardization of products to offer those at a competitive market price in the B2B business. Sineng is a preferred company in Chinese government tenders and the firm invests substantially in R&D to secure an innovation and first-mover advantage over their competitors [34]. China’s Solar- and Energy storage industries are set up for success and Sineng Electric is likely to benefit from that.


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