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So I heard you like BUBBLES

I'm not going to provide any evidence here because this is more philosophical, so I'll just get right down to the brass tax here. I think there is a major bubble in the United States, and all across the globe for that matter, in the form of jobs that do not provide anything of tangible value and rapidly improving technology. At a certain point these two elephants in the room are going to have to clash, and I think we are beginning to see that transition with this manufactured financial crisis. The tech is already ready to replace a lot of meaningless jobs and if it's not ready now it will be relatively soon.

There are obvious ones we all see everyday and with inflation the way it is I find my self asking why I have to pay extra just so someone can have a job. You go to the grocery store and see a dozen lines each with a cashier, I know some disabled people might need assistance but the vast majority of us are big boys and girls and can scan our own groceries. I went through a drive through, one person took my order at the speaker and then my payment at the 1st window, and then another person handed me my food through the 2nd window. You go to a restaurant and there's a hostess that seats you and a server brings you your food… but why? I don't want to tip someone $10 because they brought my food to me and refilled my beverage, most of us I think would rather just pay a little less and get them ourselves.

But I don't want to just talk about low paying jobs, lets go to the next income bracket. How about a car salesman? Or how about the people that own the lots? Car manufacturers could easily sell their own product without having to involve a middle man just for the sake of it, but lobbyists just wouldn't allow that. Step it up to someone like a real estate agent, sure their services can be convenient but I'm finding it hard to believe we couldn't figure out a better way. Maybe I'm oversimplifying this but an extra 4 – 6% to someone that took a 6 month course seems a bit off.

Even further though, let's look at the financial sector, including many of the retards on here. Yeah that's right, you thought you were beneficial to society by clicking buy and sell? Sure, it takes some intelligence to make the right moves, but a well trained ape can click buy and sell, you may be making money but what kind of value does that provide? A large chunk of the US GDP essentially boils down to people counting and moving around their own or someone else's money, this makes numbers grow larger in bank accounts, but I think the 7 year old Ethiopian mining for lithium by hand contributes more to the world than most of us. Besides, the algo-overlords have already taken control of the markets, I think the days of making money from trading could be coming to a close. Imagine if retail traders had access to an algo-trading program and every retard could just boot it up and watch their bank accounts grow. Does that make any sense?

I don't think this will happen overnight, but I do believe the transition has begun. We've all heard it before, by 2030 you'll own nothing and be happy, I think they're saying that largely because of what I've outlined here. One day human beings will be obsolete, I don't think every job will be eliminated by 2030 but a large chunk could already be eliminated right now, they're ripping off this band-aid slowly and painfully but it's the only option. But what the heck do I know, I'm just another fellow retard that has no F-in clue what's going on. I just want 2030 to get here already so I can immerse myself into a sexed up virtual reality world and finally role play as a real fish.

TLDR: Massive bubble of service oriented jobs that do not produce anything of tangible value is being slowly deflated by improving technology. WEF 2030 agenda is right on schedule. Crickets aren't that bad when they're coated in Cheeto dust.

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