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Scared Bear🌈🐻

Alright alright, I’ll say it. I’m in fkn shambles.

After doing my daily after hours DD I can’t help but think that tomorrow when JPow speaks the market is going to react the complete opposite. We’ve seen bad data move the market before and I have a very bad feeling that whatever fk JPow says tomorrow the market is going to ignore it and keep on pumping. We literally pumped today for no reason off of low fkn volume, wtf??

In regards to the SPY etf, we bears have to protect 400 at all costs otherwise we’ll be slowly loosing grip of these bulls nuts and start making moves back 420 and potentially even higher to the 440’s.

With that being said, if that scenario does occur you can say good bye to your EOM puts because all of September will be a battle ground between 380ish to 440. We know Theta Gang is sitting back right enjoying every bit of it.

This just maybe a temporary higher low till after mid terms when shit really hits the fan, thoughts???

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