Say what you want. There is still life in $BBBY and this is my last post before market cap briefly dips below $500M. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Say what you want. There is still life in $BBBY and this is my last post before market cap briefly dips below $500M.

I love the coordinated attacks of shorts trying to squeeze every bit of profit before the 9th. I love all the FUD posts and comments. Though no fucks given here.

Fresh apes, paperhanded bitches of WSB; You are the fresh meat at Shawshank Redemption. These guys are pushing your buttons to see who'll fold first. Of course when you invest in something without doing a single minute of DD on your own, it's easy to paperhand with a single FUD post… or 100. No I'm not gonna call for diamond hands or invest long BS here.

I'm only here to encourage you to question what's going on. This isn't financial advice.

Today is September 6th. It's been nearly a month since "pump" started, which resulted in $BBBY float trading up to 10 times a day. Then $BBBY triggered RegSho on the 16th.

But Rim_World how does float trade 10 times a day?

Well Naked short sales are legal… sort of, According to SEC, under bona fide market making.

Because it may take a market maker considerable time to purchase or arrange to borrow the security, a market maker engaged in bona fide market making, particularly in a fast-moving market, may need to sell the security short without having arranged to borrow shares. This is especially true for market makers in thinly traded, illiquid stocks as there may be few shares available to purchase or borrow at a given time.

Long story Short there are still stocks to find and cover then close positions. How do I know. Well, look at the borrow cost over time.

There has been many ups and downs in the last year. But you never saw borrowing cost as high it has been since the pump last month.


Do you think all shorts closed their positions? They have a target price and they sure know apes will paperhand. So why should they close at $10 $9 or $7 when they can wait a few more days and close at $5.

Why is $5 so important? Because $BBBY was under 5 dollars when this black swan event began. That's the target. Every motherfucker who sells to help the price dip even further is playing into their hands.

You got played by people hyping the eom August and the "special" situation report regarding restructuring efforts.

My thesis is this;

BBBY was added to RegSho on the 16th. FTDs started piling up on the 10th. +35 from that day is the 14th. But they will start closing on the Friday the 9th or Monday the 12th and you will start seeing AH price changes as you did after the 5th of August.

Stock will trade sideways despite the whole float trading once or twice but AH moves will suddenly push the price up 5-15% depending on the day.

If we see enough buying pressure starting this Friday, you will see the stock move up drastically.

Until the borrow cost goes down to early August levels, I will not be convinced that this is over. There is still a lack of shares to be located and to close positions. +35 is approaching fast. Hence all the FUD. Getting calls will hardly help you with this one. If you really want to help the price move, purchasing the stock would be the only way.

Here is my post 18 days ago

This comment of mine from 14 days ago before all the EOM hype

And here is another prediction of mine from 2 weeks ago

Just so you FUD aficionados know that I'm not moving the goal post like some others.

Positions 250 shares at $12.35. It's hardly anything really. I'm only here to explain what I think will happen based on what has happened the current numbers.

TA:DR FTD +35 days are approaching and FUD is strong until then to prevent any buying pressure on the settlement days. There will be a AH catalyst starting Sept 9th (this Friday) or the following Monday. Here are the days $BBBY was listed in RegSho FTDs started piling up on the 10th. Current cost to borrow is too high to convince me that this is over

It would be fantastic to see shorts bleed as the market shakes up before fed interest rate announcement.

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