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Royal Caribbean is Profitable

Good to see how Royal Caribbean managed to succeed over the pandemic. Its cruises are sailing at full capacity. Its casinos are making a killing. The stock is on steroids. Unstoppable on the way up to early 2020 prepandemic time.

Today might be the last day to buy the cruise dip.

Royal reported on the latest shareholder conference that they their operating expenses are now lower than their income in this current quarter that ends in october.

The stock is soaring. It will get to its prepandemic value by October. It has a low market cap at the moment and it has many investors. No more ups and downs caused by daytraders. The business is now solid. If you short it you are fucked. It can only go up. Probably above 90 by October.

This is a solid good investment option to double your savings.

Just be patient. Buy and hold.

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