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RKT – A Stonk Worth Holding More Than 24 Hours?

Too long won't read: Large position and plan to hold for some period of time exceeding 23 hours.

Greetings gamblers investors! I will begin by saying this is a case for stocks, not options, so 99% of you can tune out now. But that's okay because 99% of you have so little in your micro RH account that my pump and dump investment discussion won't move the needle anyway.

Let's talk about what RKT has going for it, as far as my generally-squinted eyes can see:

  1. Their market share for loan origination is pretty solid, and home rates seem to be staying low for the foreseeable horizon IMO.
  2. The platform is ripe for adding another product line to their offering, such as auto loans.
  3. They're an American company and if I had to bet on any politician grandstanding against a specific nation's company I'd think rallying against an American one from Detroit is not too likely.
  4. It's one of the few "tech" companies that isn't at or near it's ATH.

Let's talk about what I see as being concerning:

  1. It's a newly traded security so many investors don't know if it's time to buy in or not so all that's left are investors dumb autists like us (not quite all, but more so than other tickers).
  2. If something big caused many people not to want to buy or refi real estate. Maybe Covid2, maybe rate hikes, etc

I'll conclude my thoughts by saying that while I am not a realtor per se I do dabble a little and in the few markets that I have been observing there doesn't seem to be any signs of FOMO slowing down from a home-buying perspective. Having personally used their platform before it actually is fairly streamlined and I am aware of a few efforts they're making to really work with local, traditional lending offices as well instead of competing against them (from what I've heard, I don't follow this closely).

Have I missed anything major? Have the mods allowed this to be posted? Did a single person read past the my admission of "nAh yO I aM nOt yOlOinG My eNTirE sAviNGs oN oNe pLAy" part?

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