$REGN; Covid Play, Recovery Play, TA play, Sheeple Play, absolute banger of a trade. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$REGN; Covid Play, Recovery Play, TA play, Sheeple Play, absolute banger of a trade.

Sup Retards,

I'm sure many of you already know about $REGN, officially known as Regeneron, the BIO-tech company that treated and cured Orange Man with their magical antibody treatment REGN-COV2.

I am not one to deep dive into TA or DD for reddit, I sometimes just like to post my bigger trades to allow for some people to A) Make some money with big papa, and B) offer some some alternatives versus rolling the dice in this EV bubble (No I'm not gay or retarded, I rode up most EV stocks too, but this is a banger).

Regeneron just receive FDA approval to roll out it's antibody treatment, and the U.S government using project warp speed has already purchased 300k doses.

Beginning tomorrow, the government begins rolling out their doses, beginning with over 30,000 treatment courses to health professionals.

ARK Innovation Fund picked up $10m worth of shares (not much for ARK, but notable).

Much talk from health professionals speak of every covid patient receiving a treatment.

Positive press = Pump. Government funding and contracts = Pump Trading at barely a premium versus April of this year, on a steep 3 month sell off period, first rebound was today.

They plan to roll out millions of doses to the general public beginning January.

TLDR; Regeneron is a covid play, TA play, news play, government play, absolute loaded gun that hasn't blown yet. January calls are cheap. Current PT; $700 Feb 2021

Positions; REGN 520-650c Feb 2021 ;ALSO; AMZN 3100-3350c Dec 18th

"Gamble" responsibly, boys. <3

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