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$RCL CEO straight lied on the conference call

Last weeks earning were good, the biggest concern was a debt offering with $CCL did that tanked the stock. Jason Libery the CEO is specifically asked about $RCL making the same move… his answer was no LOL

Jason Liberty — Chief Executive Officer

OK. Well, thanks, Steve. I thought you were going to first start off and say, wow, you're back, positive EBITDA, positive cash flow. I was hoping for like a little bit of a hug.

But I think to just kind of going into — I know that there is focus around the balance sheet and especially in the current state of the capital markets. First, I think our business is clearly ramping up. We're generating cash flow after opex, after capex. We're not seeing slowing down in activity and demand.

We're actually seeing acceleration with our bookings and onboard activity. I think we have clearly shown through this that we have been very thoughtful and very methodical about capital raising, balancing liquidity, and minimizing dilution, especially relative to others. And so I think when we have raised equity, it has been to manage liquidity and as we are right now, we are generating cash flow. We do think we have access to the capital markets, and we are confident that we're going to be able to continue to manage our balance sheet and repair it here over time.

I would note that issuing equity, one is obviously, it's a board decision. The bars are exceptionally high for us to be issuing equity. We don't have any plans to issue equity. What the Board is really focused on is how do we get back to pre-COVID levels as soon as possible and by that, meaning earnings, meaning ROIC and getting our balance sheet back and leverage back to what it was pre-COVID.

So I think we feel that we have a plan and a path. And I think that the — what we're seeing in the business and the improvement in the cash flow in the business is also giving us opportunity to be able to address some of these maturities with cash.

4 fucking days later…… $900 Million debt offering



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