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$PSTH – Stripe DD Update

There has been previous speculation and DD on Bill Ackman's $5-7B SPAC and who they will merge with to take the company public. Ackman is on fire this year with a perfectly timed hedge that saved the rest of his boomer investments from becoming worthless.

The previous DD showed that his Twitter following list includes the Stripe corporate account and Collision brothers (co-founders). In addition, Jackie Reses (PSTH board member) has been engaging with Twitter speculators who are pumping the Stripe theory.

The latest update is that the CEO of Stripe tweeted about a poorly worded headline and the President of the company (his brother) responded with an Elon-level troll of $PSTH holders:


Clearly he is fucking with all of the headline watchers on Twitter and I can't say which way this is going to go. Is he pulling a Trevor Milton pump-and-dump on his own company? Is he trying to tank the shares so he can personally load up on calls prior to the announcement. Decide for yourself.

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