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PSTH Hopium Pipe Hit

Ok PSTH bulls and Bill fan boys, I have a hit of the dankest Hopium which will send you into a blissful tendie dream land.

The rumor is Stripe is in talks for another run of funding at a $70B – $100B valuation which is significantly higher than the last round of funding. In April 2020 Stripe was valued at $36B when they received $600M in private funding.

What if Bill is allowing a higher forward looking valuation in order to close a deal with Stripe and take a minority stake. It’s estimated that Bill and PSTH could have around $10B in fire power putting PSTH at a 10% stake in this deal.

Also…It is very apparent that stripe is going public by the recent hiring of internal audit compliance positions to clean up the books, multiple new sales management and rep positions to aid in expansion and most specifically the Head of Investor Relations position.


Moooooon, baby 🚀

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