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$PSNY: why isn’t this moving?

So now that we graduated to the pump phase of WSB rather than the endless fud I noticed that PSNY has been stuck this entire run. $SPY and the market are moving but the only action from $PSNY was a 6% freak out candle last Thursday eod.

The IV is low in the 50’s which is normal but less than $TSLA’s IV which makes it weird. The borrow rate is odd it’s at 337% and rising since 8/11 on interactive brokers shares have been drying out. IV on the puts is actually two times the IV on the calls so something wrong there. I watched $Psny before it merged and Iv was usually %100+.

It’s not like it’s a shit company, they make electric vehicles you can rent them at enterprise and hertz. They delivered 21,200 cars in the first six months of the year compared to 9510 last year, outpacing their higher priced rivals LCID/RIVN. Since the start of 2022 worldwide purchases have increased 350%. In their last ER they reaffirmed guidance yet nothing …just stuffed. I actually see polestars relatively frequently on the road (upper northwest city) Yes, the economy is going to shit but that didn’t stop $AAPL from going to almost ATH.

Think the reason it isn’t running is that shorts entered right at market bottom in June so if it goes above $10 by a few dollars exit is likely, since that seems a like the average entry price. So been working overtime to keep a lid; my guess. Anyway, with Iv in the 50’s if this runs like other memes the returns would be solid

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