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PLUG Train

Hello ladies, gays, and retards. Are you feeling sad because you missed out on NIO?

Do you wish you weren't autistic enough to watch Chinese Tesla go from sub 10 to 45 in a few months?

Did you buy calls at the top just to yell "fuck this scam, useless pos" and then buy puts again at the bottom?

Are you so wound up on anti-depressants and fomo that you just need to yolo something?

Look no further the PLUG train is here.

After moving up 15% today alone, you best believe the tendies are coming.

Clean energy bubble, hydrogen energy, and a bunch of horndog banks looking to milk this baby into the clean energy bubble, this is your opportunity.

This stock is diluted as fuck with almost 400 million shares now, but guess what I don't give a fuck that means more retards to buy more shares to push me out of poverty.

In the wise words of Jared Vennett, "I smell money"

I will not sell and you will kick yourself when I rub this post in your face at the end of the year and PLUG is 40+.

Position: 01/15/21 25 Calls

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 01:52AM by RothStonk
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