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PLTR holders do not panic

In a day when the stock went 6 percent up, I am seeing a lot of people with paper hands.Hear me out, Palantir is not a "covid" stock and it is also not a defence stock. Furthermore, the stock did not moon because of a small contract that the company signed with the British government for tracking coronavirus cases. The best thing about Palantir is that it is not an event driven stock and it does not matter what happens in the world, data analysis will always be a useful tool for both governments and commercial enterprises. Also, most people seem to believe that Palantir's growth will come from government contracts and I do foresee some growth there, but Palantir entered the commercial sector with its newly-developed foundry software just last year and have already made companies such as Merck, BP, Fiat-Chrysler, Airbus their clients and their revenue increased by 47 percent year over year. I believe that if Peter Thiel wanted to make the world a better place by only providing tools for the U.S government to combat world-terrorism etc.he would have never made the company public. Actually I think that Palantir executives saw the huge potential that their software has in the business sector and that was the reason why they debuted at the stock exchange just now. Palantir would probably never reach the heights of Google and Amazon, but in a world where video-streaming services are worth hundreds of billions this is a good stock to hold into the future or to buy OTM weekly calls in wsb fashion. PS:Does anyone now when the lock-up period for employees expires?

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